Monday, February 22, 2010

NHRA Fan Killed at Arizona Nationals

An adult female spectator was killed at the Firebird International Raceway after a crash during one of the NHRA races. Her name has not yet been released.

You can watch the video of the crash below:

Antron Brown Crash Video

Antron Brown was driving his dragster, when the left rear wheel came off forcing him to crash. The crash is not what caused the woman's death. The dragster went spinning wildly out of control, as he had no way to control the vehicle.

The unidentified woman was standing in the pit area, when a tire came off a car and struck her. She was taken to the hospital, but died shortly after arriving.

The accident left Brown uninjured.

“We’re racers and we race and I’m ok,” Brown said in a statement. “It all happened so quickly and I want to thank the NHRA Safety Safari for being there so quickly to help get me out of the car and also the track medical team for tending to me so quickly.”

NHRA officials are investigating the crash.


clownman said...

Not the first time wheel studs have sheered off on the fuel cars. Danny wilkerson ( Tim Wilkersons son) driving another LRS funny car did the exact same thing same lane at another track and crashed head on into the same side wall of another track. I think its past time to gp with titainum or a stronger stud and take a couple more lbs on the car to save a live from one who doesnt have any protection around them!Some would not like a protection fence like in oval racing due to picture shooting but la di da come on we are talking 300mph and a tire/wheel bouncing at you at supersonic speed. Mandatory stud changing will be the nxt. thing nhra will impose on all cars.I hope!

clownman said...

Another thought:How about automatic
deinflator of sort that if a fire be deployed from a car this deinflator would immediatilly sheer off the valve stem.Question though would it deflate in time? Or an automatic motor shut down device should too much tire shake vibration occure. there would not be the option to peddle the car beyond a determined registering vibration thus taking the danger element we saw at firbird.
Force/ bernstein and nhra something to brainstorm. I would love working with you guys!