Saturday, December 17, 2016

Van Damme LC-OFC Twin Interconnect Cable Review

Van Damme LC-OFC HiFi Twin Interconnect Cable
A friend of mine named Mike had a pair of interconnect cables he wanted me to try out. Being the audio fanatic guy I am, I said why not.

The cables he wanted me to try were called Van Damme LC-OFC Twin Interconnect cables.

What does LC-OFC stand for you may ask? Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper. Supposedly, it's a very high grade of pure copper. After extrusion, the copper wire is re-heated, or annealed, which reduces impurities between the crystal boundaries as the copper crystal grows and leads to a longer grain length. A typical crystal (or grain) in a 1mm diameter LC-OFC conductor is 130 mm long.

With purity of the copper being so high, audio expert rate this cable up with XLO, Cardas, and Kimber Kable just to name a few. After doing some research on the Van Damme cable I found that it has:

  • Very natural sound
  • Very clear sound (this means LC-OFC has no phase distortion)
  • Signal built-up is rapid and transient characteristics are superior
  • Sound images are sharp and orientation of the sound is clear

The Interconnects I've been using for the past four years are the Canare L-4e6s Star Quad audio cable.
I love the sound the Canare cables gave and if the Van Damme LC-OFC Twin Interconnect cables came even close in sound, one has to wonder if it's time for a change.

The cables Mike had came terminated with Nakamichi gold plated RCA connectors (see picture below).
Nakamichi gold plated rca connectors
The Interconnect comes in a shotgun form (side by side) with the jacket color being Sapphire blue.

  • High end domestic hi-fi cables
  • Professional critical monitoring

Conductor0.63mm bare ultra pure linear crystal oxygen free copper
InsulationFoam skin polyethylene
Capacitanceless than 97 pF/m
Screen93% optical coverage LC-OFC braid
JacketPVC/Neoprene composite sapphire blue RAL 5003
Overall diameter16.00 x 6.00mm
Weight120 Kg/Km

How does the Van Damme sound? Breath taking would be an understatement. This cable really blows
my Canare L-4e6s out the water and then some! Wow, I couldn't believe the low end extension this cable gave in my HiFi system. Vocals sound more natural and for the first time, I had a very large sound stage. Sorry Canare, but these are the cables I will be using from here on out. Mike wouldn't let me have his pair but he did refer me to the same person on eBay he purchase his from.

The fact that you can get so much sound for little money compared to the competition, should make even the most doubtful person wanna give these a try. You're talking a savings of over 6x less than what you would spend buying the Cardas Golden Reference Interconnects. And to my ears, you're getting the same high quality sound without breaking the bank. Money I saved could be use to buy more audio gear for my system.  

I purchased (2) 1 meter cables and they arrived about 2-3 days after ordering in a padded envelope with bubble wrap around the Nakamichi connectors. The beauty of having cables like this in a shotgun formation, when you look at the price, it's for both channels unlike a lot of Interconnects where you have to purchase two cables for stereo hookup.

Van Damme LC-OFC Twin Interconnect cables  have just replaced my Canare L-4e6s Star Quad but I will still listen to them from time to time, but not in the near future.

I would highly recommend you give the Van Damme cables a listen and see what you been missing in your own sound system. I know I have! 

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