Monday, November 18, 2013

George Zimmerman charged with assault, battery

George Zimmerman was charged Monday with felony aggravated assault after allegedly pointing a shotgun at his girlfriend, according to Dennis Lemma, chief deputy with the Seminole County, Florida, Sheriff's Office.

He also was charged with two misdemeanors -- domestic violence battery and criminal mischief -- in connection with the same incident, Lemma said.

Zimmerman is being held in jail without bail and will make his first appearance in front of a judge Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. ET.

Schiebe told dispatchers that Zimmerman broke a table and pointed the long-barreled shotgun at her. When she called for help, Zimmerman pushed her out the door and pushed small furniture in front of the door.

The aggravated assault charge, for allegedly pointing the gun at Schiebe, is a felony, Lemma said. The battery charge is for the alleged pushing and the mischief charge is for allegedly breaking the table, he said.

The sheriff's office is seeking a search warrant to look for two guns they believe are inside the home, he said.

His attorney in the murder trial, Mark O'Mara, no longer represents him.

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