Friday, November 20, 2009

Shaniya Davis Cause of Death Asphyxiation

Shaniya Davis

5 year old Shaniya Davis cause of death has been listed as asphyxiation.

The autopsy performed on Shaniya Davis has determined the cause of death to be asphyxiation. The ruling, however, does not include toxicology and lab reports, therefore, there is a minimal chance that another cause could be listed.

The autopsy also showed that Shaniya Davis had been raped. Mario McNeil faces first degree kidnapping, first degree murder, and rape of a child charges. The investigation is ongoing and it is yet unclear where Mario McNeil strangled Shaniya Davis before leaving her lifeless body amongst garbage and deer carcasses along Highway 87.

Asphyxiation refers to cutting off someone’s supply of oxygen. It can refer to smothering or strangulation, or suffocation. It has not yet been stated how Shaniya Davis was murdered, whether she was strangled or smothered. Shaniya Davis disappeared from her mother’s trailer on November 10, 2009. She was found dead on November 16, 2009.

Police from the Cumberland County Police Department stated that they have had an extremely difficult time with this case. They did not expect to deal with a case of such horrific proportions, nor did they expect to become so attached to little Shaniya. Grief counselors have been called in to help those who discovered Shaniya’s body in the woods.

Authorities have stated that it is still an ongoing investigation and it is believed that additional charges against Antoinette Davis may still be filed.

Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office will prosecute the case.

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