Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson autopsy leaked out

Michael Jackson's autopsy report has been leaked out to the public.
I have just learned that Michael Jackson autopsy has been leaked out.

Some shocking details have come out about the King of POP. He was nearly bald-headed when he died. He was wearing a wig to cover his baldness.

Michael Jackson was ruined by starvation, drugs, plastic surgery and a recent fall.

Jackson weighed only 112 pounds, had pills but no food in his stomach and had needle marks all over his arms and legs. Also, because of plastic surgery to his face, the bridge to his nose was gone and part of his nose had "collapsed." Adding to the damage, attempts to revive him caused a long list of injuries to his body as well, including broken ribs.

His hips, shoulders and thighs supposedly were riddled with needle wounds which is believed to be a result of daily injections of narcotic painkillers.

There is also suggestions that four injection sites were found above or near to his heart.

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