Thursday, April 30, 2009

Human Swine Flu

A 23-month-old toddler passed away in Texas from the swine flu virus.
What’s The Situation In Mexico?

No matter where you look at…may it be on your TV, internet, newspaper, etc it’s easy to see that the human swine flu virus is causing a lot of states and countries to panic and causing a lot of chaos.

But what’s the real situation concerning the human swine flu virus?

Let’s take a look at Mexico – where the human swine flu virus was suspected to originate from. About 3000 citizens of La Gloria, Mexico strongly think and believe that their hometown is ground zero for the human swine flu epidemic. Now, government and health officials of the country are insisting that La Gloria, Mexico isn’t ground zero for the said epidemic…at least for the time being.

However, more than 450 citizens are saying other ways. Many believe that they’re suffering from respiratory problems and believe it to be caused by contaminated pig waste coming from US-owned farms nearby.

The answer to that, though, health officials are saying that there are no signs or strong evidence that people are suffering from symptoms that a victim of the human swine flu virus would experience.

See Human Swine Flu Virus:

Over 150 deaths in Mexico alone are attributed to the human swine flu virus. And to make the matters worse, it is believed that the disease and virus have found their way to at least 4 more countries including the United States.

(A 23-month-old toddler passed away in Texas from the swine flu virus)

The swine flu strain is suspected in more than 150 deaths in Mexico and cases have been confirmed in at least four other countries.

A 34-year old resident of La Gloria, Mexico – Jose Luis Martinez said that right after he heard about the outbreak and heard about its symptoms (which are fever, coughing, joint aches, and vomiting along with the diarrhea when the illness intensifies); he knew that it all came from their town.

And what caused them to believe this?

Think about it – according to Martinez and other La Gloria residents, more than half of the town’s population travel all the way to Mexico City to work almost every single day of the week. Looking at it, it’s possible that it could’ve easily spread to La Gloria, Mexico – where most of the reports and cases of human swine flu infection came from.

Mind you – were looking at just one town and one country. At this rate, one can safely assume that there will be reports from other countries where the human swine flu virus spread appearing in the headlines any time of the week.

Much is still in the air though. The antidote is still to be found, the real cause is still to be determined, etc. One thing is for sure though, you along with your whole family must do everything you can to protect yourselves from the disease.

If you have to cancel that vacation to Mexico, if you need to avert eating pork to feel safe, then do so. Being safe is better than being sorry.

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