Thursday, February 19, 2009

TV on PC

Watch over 3,000 channels of premium Online TV on your PC.

Today I thought I would write a review of a TV on PC software I recently purchased.

The website in review called Super TV 4 PC, caught my attention when I saw you could get premium channels for a one-time fee. After being scammed before from such offers, I wrote to support and asked for more detailed information on the guarantee.

Support was quick to reply and told me that I would get a complete refund if I wasn't happy with my purchase.

I will say to anyone looking to get Satellite TV on your PC to seriously look at this software. Why? Because I can't believe I finally found a software for Online TV that actually delivered on there promise.

I purchase the software 2 weeks ago and after purchasing, I uploaded it to After scanning for Mal-ware, viruses, etc., everything came back clean. That was a good sign for me right there, as other Satellite TV for PC software contain some kind of Mal-ware.

After installing the software, I found that I could actually watch some premium channels as advertised on the website. Though I would say finding HBO and Starz was a bit complex. None the less I was watching channels I never could have on other Satellite TV software.

How would I rate the software: It comes as close to watching TV online that I ever experience. Some channels were off-line from time to time, but I get my premium channels almost every time I run the software. Never had any real problems as of yet, and I like the fact that support will respond quick to any problem you may have.

So, if you are looking to turn you PC into a Super TV, I would recommend you take a look at Super TV 4 PC. I am more than satisfied with my purchased.

Here's the website address for anyone looking for a reliable Internet TV software.

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