Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Will Tommy Tuberville Be Fired?

Is Tommy Tuberville going to be fired after 10 years coaching the Auburn Tigers football team?

Fresh off their embarrassing loss to cross-state rival Alabama, Tuberville's team is faced with a postseason not ending in a bowl bid and the good possibility that their coach is on the way out.

Tuberville might survive the axe this season, but he could be entering lame duck status after 10 years at the helm. Tuberville fired a successful offensive coordinator in the offseason, one that had helped him win 41 games and extend his winning streak over the Crimson Tide to six games. For his troubles, Al Borges was dismissed as the scape goat of last year's 9-4 record.

Now Tuberville will have to head out on the lots of recruiting trips, trying to convince players across this country and in his own state that Auburn is a better choice than the team that still has a good shot of playing for the national championship in early January.

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