Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield

Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield, see it live with Satellite TV on your PC
The weight-in results are in for the match between Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield:

Valuev 310.75
Holyfield 214.25

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Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield at the weight-in
Watch the fight: Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield.

Holyfield is a massive betting underdog heading into the fight but for the gamblers, he might be a risk worth taking once again. The losses of Holyfield in the last couple years all came at the hands of quick, slick opponents like Ibragimov, Donald, Toney or Byrd.

Valuev needs to work his jab like he did against Lyakhovich. Holyfield's reflexes and head movement are mostly gone. If Valuev keeps him at bay and clinches on the inside, the 46-year-old challenger will tire and the champion can cruise to a clear cut decision and a merry Christmas.

Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield

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Nikolai Valuev and Evander Holyfield taking some time off before their Dream Match bout
This is last major bout of 2008 and it could be one of the major upsets of 2008. Nicolay Valuev remains the favorite but Holyfield could prove the critics wrong.

If Holyfield somehow can avoid the jab and counter or move on the inside without getting wrestled, he is in for a victorious night and a fifth world title. His stamina needs to be there for twelve full rounds, he needs to pull punches together. We did not see that all that often in recent years when Holyfield went into big fights. But once again, Valuev does not have the skills of either of the Holyfield-conquerors in recent years in terms of movement and speed.

If you want to see Nikolai Valuev vs Evander Holyfield, click here.

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