Saturday, November 1, 2008

McDavid Man Wins Eight Florida Lottery Price Packages

I play the Florida lottery about 8 times a year. Mostly from just someone saying or talking about it in a store or something. I never been the type who was into gambling, though I will play the slot machines when I go on cruises.

A McDavid man won not one, but eight second chance drawings from the Florida Lottery on Wednesday.

Gary Smith of McDavid won eight Indiana Jones second-chance packages from the final drawing for the Florida Lottery scratch-off game.

There were 2,100 prize packages valued at $583 each awarded. Each included an Indiana Jones 100% wool brown fedora hat, a long-sleeve Explorer shirt, a genuine cowhide leather jacket, a leather satchel and an Indiana Jones t-shirt.

There were a few others that won more than once, including a Tampa man that won five of the prize packages.

In the Indiana Jones scratch-off games, players could enter the second chance drawing by entering their losing ticket numbers online.

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