Saturday, November 1, 2008

Katt Williams Plane Crash Dead Rumor

Is Katt Williams Dead? Did Katt williams die in a plane crash? A Katt williams plane crash dead rumor is spreading today. Here is the latest on the Katt William plane rumor.

A quick look here at Y’s Answers reveals 11 comments about the rumor within the last hour. Of those 11, the vast majority by “different” people repeat the same story, receiving a 4 am text message about the news today. But they are making these posts now at 3 pm EST. One poster says the report is on Atlanta news. A quick look of Atlanta Journal Constitution site proves that not the case.

In fact, readers will remember back earlier this summer a Lil Wayne daughter’s death rumor followed a similar pattern. Then the rumor said she died in a crash, the rumor surfaced on a weekend day, the repeated storyline that would appear on Y’s Answers, and spread over to myspace, only to be confirmed false thereafter by his label.

Consider this plane crash rumor as just that. No confirmation and a lot of similarity to how the false rumor of Lil Wayne’s daughter was created in August.

Final word: although there’s no confirmation to prove anything, most people are saying it’s just a rumour and since none of the news channels or sites have it mentioned anywhere, lets just hope we see Katt Williams live on TV real soon to end this rumor for good.

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