Sunday, November 2, 2008

Britney In Tears

After her breakdown and hospitalization last January, Britney Spears has - with the help of her father Jamie - turned herself around in all aspects of her life. She's revived her career, her body is back in shape and although she's not regained custody of her children, she has had more visitation with them. But pals close to the superstar are worried that Britney is pushing herself too hard and could be on the brink of another collapse mentally.

According to In Touch, Britney was recently in tears and upset about struggling to regain her superstar status. The climb back to the top is not easy especially after a very public breakdown.

An insider said, "Britney is not fully recovered from her breakdown - she's definitely nervous that she isn't strong enough yet to handle the pressure of a tour and comeback. Britney is very emotional, very vulnerable and is still battling the mixed emotions and confusion that come with intense therapy."

Last week lawyers in Spears' conservatopship case asked that the court commissioner make it permanent. And the request was granted. The conservatorship was scheduled to end on December 31 but keeping it in place will make it easier for Britney to eventually regain custody of her sons. And with the conservatorship remaining in place, it also allows Spears to get more visitation with her boys - the courts see it as a "safety net." It also provides the singer with others handling her business and career affairs, which quite frankly, I don't think Britney would be capable of doing. It's probably the best for her.

Britney has made lots of progress but she's got to take it slow or she'll end up having another meltdown. Hopefully she's not being pushed to far to "get back to the top."

She's set to tour in 2009.

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