Monday, October 27, 2008

Police searching for Jennifer Hudson nephew find body

They have yet to confirm the child's identity but investigators had been searching for both Julian King and the white Chevrolet Suburban sports utility vehicle in which the body was found. It was stolen from the home of Hudson's mother on Friday when both she and Hudson's brother were shot dead.

Julian King, the son of Hudson's sister, Julia, had not been seen since Friday, when police arrested his step-father, William Balfour, who had become estranged from the boy's mother.

He has denied involvement in the killings or the boy's kidnapping but had reportedly stopped talking to investigators.

The body was discovered 14 miles from the house in Englewood, on Chicago's South Side, where the actress and singer's mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, were killed.

On Sunday, Hudson, who won an Oscar for her role in Dreamgirls, had offered a $100,000 (£65,000) reward for the boy's safe return after her sister made an emotional public plea for her son's life.

Balfour, a baker who has convictions for attempted murder and carjacking, had fallen out with Hudson's family after being asked to move out of the family home last winter.

Hudson, who rose to fame after competing in the television talent show American Idol, has often credited her success with her upbringing in the impoverished Chicago neighbourhood of Englewood.

However, she had encouraged her mother to move away from the crime-ridden area. Miss Donerson refused, saying she did not want her daughter's fame to change her life.

An autopsy showed that Miss Donerson, 59, and Mr Hudson, 29, died from multiple gunshot wounds. The latter's large white four-wheel drive car remains missing.

Neighbours had heard gunshots on Friday morning but were so used to the sound that they ignored them.

Police say they are treating the murders as a "domestic" crime. They now believe the shootings began when a gunman fired through a door and hit Mr Hudson.

The attacker then went into the house and continued to fire, hitting Miss Donerson.

Family friends said Balfour and his wife had recently been arguing over ownership of her car and that Balfour had threatened to take the boy away.

He has denied involvement in the killings or the boy's kidnapping but had reportedly stopped talking to investigators.

Balfour's alibi for the day of the killings has reportedly been contradicted by his girlfriend and that police were able to track his whereabouts on the day through his mobile phone.

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