Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is Jennifer Aniston Pregnant?

That's what my close sources are telling me.
Right now it's one of the hottest buzzes going around. They are photos of her hiding her tummy in public. Why do that when you know you're going to draw attention to yourself? All you're really doing is adding more suspense to the rumors that's going around.

I have the photos posted that show Jennifer Aniston wearing a tied up sweater that so conveniently bulked right at the tummy. And while it’s difficult to tell whether she’s packed on any pounds, tops like that are only going to make the pregnancy rumors even worse.

Even a top rated magazine has reported that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with John Mayer’s baby. The pair made their first outings as a reunited couple last week, enjoying a romantic weekend in New York and a concert in Boston. But what made Jen take John back? According to reports she’s pregnant!

I truly believe by the time of the presidential election, she will spill the beans.

Maybe she just waiting for that right moment. Whatever that may be. But with her having the hot buzz right now, it's only a matter of time before John or herself make an announcement.

My bet is no later than 3 weeks. Right now we just have to sit back, relax, and wait and see what comes of this hot rumor.

John and Jennifer had a whirlwind summer romance that brought them to the corners of the earth on luxurious vacations and Aniston joined him on legs of his summer concert tour, but the pair called off the five month romance in August after Mayer said he "didn't think the chemistry was right" between the two of them.

I don't know what chemistry he was referring to then, but they must have went into the lab and found that ancient secret chemistry.

We’re hesitant to believe these rumors but we do have to admit that the tabloids have a pretty clean record when it comes to announcing pregnancies. The celebs all try to deny it at first, but all end up coming clean in the end.

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